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Possum Removal Near Me in Australia

Best Possum Removal Near Me in Australia

Australia is home to approximately 13 large possum species, many of which pose significant threats in urban environments due to their destructive behaviour. Similar to foxes, possums can also wreak havoc in gardens and backyards. If they manage to infiltrate homes or businesses, they’ll venture into roof spaces, garages, basements, and storage areas. Once inside, removing them becomes a challenging task, as they fiercely defend their territory and resist typical luring methods.

To address possum-related issues effectively, it is advisable to enlist the services of experts in possum control. Professionals, such as Cheap Pest Control, can trap and relocate these creatures. Additionally, a possum control expert can identify and seal the entry points these animals have been using, preventing future intrusions and helping in possum removal. You just have to search “possum removal near me” to find the best service provider.

Best Possum Removal Service Near Me in Australia

Possums are a protected species, so if they take up residence in your home, you need to be careful about how to remove them. We don’t recommend that you attempt to remove possums on your own, as they can become aggressive and can lead to injuries and other problems. The best way to deal with them is to search for a reliable “possum removal service near me” in Australia that has experience in possum removal. Cheap Pest Control is the best Possum removal service provider in Australia ensuring a safe and humane solution for all parties involved. Our team of experts can carefully remove the possum from your property without harming them.

So next time, when you are looking for possum removal service in Sydney or possum pest control in Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, or anywhere in Australia remember to get in touch with Cheap Pest Control.   

Dead Possum Removal Service in Melbourne

Disposing of a dead possum poses significant challenges since they often conceal themselves in inaccessible areas, particularly within house roofs, making detection difficult. If a possum dies in such hidden locations, it remains unnoticed until emitting an unpleasant odour. The most effective approach to handle this situation is to engage pest control professionals like Cheap Pest Control in Melbourne. Our experts, equipped with appropriate gloves, conduct a thorough inspection of your premises and expertly remove the dead possum. Furthermore, they ensure the affected area is thoroughly sanitized, eliminating any lingering germs. Relying on pest control professionals guarantees a safe and hygienic resolution to the issue of dead possums within your property.

Signs that suggest you may have Possums in your Home

Common signs that suggest you may have possums in your home and you need to hire possum removal or possum pest control service in Sydney, Melbourne, or any other city in Australia are: 

  • Noise – Possums are nocturnal creatures, so you might hear scratching, thumping, or rustling sounds in your ceiling or walls during the night. This is often a key sign of their activity.
  • Droppings – Possum droppings resemble small, dark pellets. Finding these in your attic, garage, or other areas could indicate possum activity.
  • Foul Odour – Possums have a distinctive musky scent. If you detect an unpleasant, lingering odour in specific areas of your home, it might be a sign of possum presence.
  • Damaged Insulation or Wiring – Possums may chew on insulation, wiring, or other materials in your home. Look for signs of gnawed or damaged items, especially in the attic or crawl spaces.
  • Nesting Material – Possums often use leaves, twigs, and insulation to create nests. If you find such nests in secluded areas of your home, it could indicate their presence.
  • Visible Entry Points – Check for openings or holes in your roof, vents, or walls. Possums can gain access through small gaps; spotting these entry points can help confirm their presence.

If you notice several of these signs, you should seek professional assistance for humane possum removal and to prevent any potential damage to your property.

The common types of Possums found in Australia

Common Brushtail Possum

  • Description: The Common Brushtail Possum is one of Australia’s largest and most well-known possum species. It has a bushy and prehensile tail, large ears, and a pointed snout. The fur varies in colour, ranging from silver-grey to brown, with a cream-coloured belly.
  • Behaviour: These possums are nocturnal, spending their days in tree hollows or other sheltered locations. They are agile climbers and use their strong tails to navigate through trees.

Common Ringtail Possum

  • Description: The Common Ringtail Possum is smaller than the Brushtail Possum, with a slender body, large eyes, and a long tail with a distinctive white tip. Its fur is usually grey or brown on the upper side and creamy-white on the underside.
  • Behaviour: Unlike Brushtail Possums, Ringtail Possums build nests called dreys out of twigs and leaves, usually located in the forks of trees. They are also nocturnal and feed on a diet of leaves, flowers, and fruits.

Sugar Glider

  • Description: While not technically a possum, the Sugar Glider is a small gliding marsupial that shares some similarities with possums. It has a skin membrane between its forelimbs and hindlimbs, allowing it to glide between trees.
  • Behaviour: Sugar Gliders are nocturnal and feed on a diet that includes nectar, fruits, and insects. They are social animals and often live in family groups.

Process Used For Possum Removal in Australia

Possum removal can be tricky in Australia because they’re territorial creatures and will return to the same place even after you’ve removed them. Here are the steps we follow to remove the possums from your territory and ensure they don’t enter your property again.

Step1: Inspect property

In our initial visit, we inspected the building from top to bottom to ensure all entry points and potential issues were discovered and dealt with during our repair process.

Step 2: Remove possums and pests

When we identify the entry point, we put the trap and leave for a few days, when it is caught we come and take it away.

Step 3: After they are caught

After it is trapped in the trap as per the government policy, we leave it far off from your place instead of harming them.

Why Is Possum Removal Service Important in Australia?

Possum sightings have become increasingly prevalent, and if you suspect an infestation in your home or business, Cheap Pest Control is here to assist! Our possum removal experts in Sydney boast years of experience in locating and effectively removing these troublesome creatures from various structures, both residential and commercial.

  • Possum removal services are crucial in Australia due to the increasing prevalence of these nocturnal marsupials causing disruptions in urban areas.
  • With their adaptable nature, possums often infiltrate homes, causing damage to gardens, and structures, and posing health risks.
  • Professional removal services, such as those provided by experts like Cheap Pest Control, are essential to ensure a safe, efficient, and humane removal process.
  • These services not only protect property but also mitigate potential conflicts between humans and possums.
  • Given the protected status of possums, relying on experienced professionals ensures compliance with regulations while effectively addressing and preventing infestations.

Benefits of Hiring a Possum Removal Service Near Me in Australia

Opting for a “possum removal service near me” in Australia offers numerous benefits. Professional services, like those provided by Cheap Pest Control, ensure humane and ethical possum removal, complying with regulations governing these protected species.

  • Trained professionals possess the expertise to identify and seal entry points, preventing re-infestation.
  • By employing non-invasive methods, they safeguard your property from additional damage.
  • Hiring a local service ensures a swift response, addressing possum issues promptly and effectively.
  • Furthermore, it promotes the safety of both residents and possums, as inexperienced attempts may lead to injuries or legal consequences.
  • Overall, a nearby possum removal service provides peace of mind, environmental responsibility, and a long-term solution to coexist harmoniously with these protected marsupials.

Why Choose Cheap Pest Control for Possum Removals in Australia?

Cheap Pest Control stands out as the premier option for possum removal and pest control services in Australia. Whether you’re contending with attic concerns in residences or suspecting openings beneath decks or slabs in industrial structures, our skilled professionals have the expertise to address your needs. Employing non-invasive methods, we ensure minimal additional pest damage, addressing issues like droppings in kitchens or damage to electrical appliances. If you’re seeking “possum removal services near me,” reach out to us today for prompt and dependable solutions tailored to your requirements. Some of the reasons to choose us for possum removal and pest control services in Sydney, Melbourne, and other cities of Australia include:

  • We’re a licensed and certified company.
  • Our services are affordable.
  • We have excellent customer service and will respond promptly to your calls.
  • We offer the best and latest pest control services to our clients.
  • We provide the best and simplest possum removal service to our clients. We have an expert and experienced team for possum removal who have been in this job for more than a decade.

Removal Service Near Me in Australia FAQs

Humane possum removal service in Australia involves non-lethal methods such as live trapping. Our licensed professionals at Cheap Pest Control employ specialized traps baited with fruits or vegetables to capture possums unharmed. Once captured, possums are safely relocated to their natural habitats, ensuring a humane and ethical approach to coexisting with these protected marsupials.


Absolutely, our possum removal techniques in Australia fully comply with local wildlife regulations. Cheap Pest Control adheres to all relevant guidelines and regulations governing the humane treatment and relocation of possums. Our licensed professionals prioritize ethical practices, ensuring that our methods align with the legal framework in place to protect and preserve these native marsupials.


Cheap Pest Control strives to provide a prompt response to possum removal requests in Australia. Our efficient and local team ensures a swift turnaround time, addressing possum issues promptly. Contact us, and we’ll work to schedule a visit at your earliest convenience, prioritizing timely and effective solutions to resolve possum-related concerns on your property.


While Cheap Pest Control prioritizes timely responses, emergency possum removal services are subject to availability. We understand the urgency of certain situations and will make every effort to accommodate emergency requests whenever possible. For immediate assistance, please contact us, and our team will assess the situation to determine the feasibility of providing emergency possum removal services in Australia.


Cheap Pest Control stands out in possum removal with licensed professionals employing humane methods. Our local expertise ensures a prompt response, and our comprehensive solutions cover identification, removal, and preventive measures. We comply with wildlife regulations, offering ethical and transparent services. With competitive pricing and extended warranties, our commitment to customer satisfaction and environmentally friendly practices distinguishes us as a trusted choice for effective and compassionate possum removal in the area.


Certainly, Cheap Pest Control conducts thorough assessments to determine the extent of possum infestations in properties. Our licensed professionals use their expertise to identify entry points, assess damage, and evaluate the scale of the infestation. This comprehensive evaluation enables us to tailor effective possum removal plans, addressing the specific needs of each property and ensuring a successful resolution to the infestation.

To prevent possums from returning after removal, we know sealing the entry points is crucial. We identify and block gaps, holes, or vulnerable areas in the property’s structure and we also trim overhanging branches and secure bins to reduce food sources. Besides, we implement habitat modifications, like removing potential nesting sites. Additionally, using deterrents like motion-activated lights or sprinklers discourages possums. Our regular inspections and maintenance ensure the effectiveness of preventive measures, promoting a long-term solution for possum exclusion.


Yes, our humane possum removal techniques in Australia prioritize the safety and well-being of both possums and property residents. Live traps or one-way exit devices are designed to capture possums without causing harm. Our professional “possum removal services near me” follow ethical guidelines and local wildlife regulations to ensure the animals’ welfare. Preventive measures focus on non-lethal methods like sealing entry points and habitat modifications, ensuring a safe and sustainable approach to possum management without posing risks to either the wildlife or the property’s occupants.


Yes, as a reliable “possum removal near me” service provider in Australia, we offer relocation services for captured possums. Once safely captured, we transfer possums to suitable habitats where they can thrive without causing issues. Our professionals ensure compliance with local wildlife regulations and prioritize the humane treatment of possums throughout the removal and relocation process. Seeking the assistance of our licensed and experienced wildlife removal services helps ensure ethical and legal practices in handling and relocating possums.


We address possum-induced property damage through a two-fold approach. Firstly, our pest control professionals guide legal and humane solutions. They implement preventive measures like sealing entry points and habitat modifications to deter possums. Secondly, we repair damage caused by possums, focusing on structural issues and cleaning affected areas. We combine the prevention of property from possum with necessary repairs and ensure a comprehensive strategy for managing possum-related property damage.


Yes, we have received several positive feedbacks from our esteemed clients and they have referred us for safe and effective possum removal services in Australia to their several friends and families. One of our clients Oliver Sam, an entrepreneur commented “I cannot thank Cheap Pest Control enough for their work. They come quickly, especially if you have a problem. Have two different methods for treating rats/mice problems, which is great. Their costs are very reasonable. I will recommend them to others.


Our technicians involved in possum removal typically possess relevant certifications in wildlife management or pest control. They undergo specialized training programs to understand possum behavior, habitat, and humane removal techniques. They also possess certifications from recognized organizations, such as wildlife agencies or industry associations, and we ensure that technicians adhere to ethical and legal standards. Our professionals also have the necessary credentials to operate within the specific jurisdiction where possum removal services are offered.


Yes, we offer ongoing maintenance and follow-ups after possum removal services. After initial removal, our technicians conduct periodic inspections to ensure there are no new entry points and assess the effectiveness of preventive measures. We do regular follow-ups to address any emerging issues promptly. Additionally, our professionals also provide advice on long-term strategies to discourage possums from returning. These follow-up services contribute to a comprehensive and sustained approach to possum management on the property.


We provide eco-friendly possum removal services in Australia through non-toxic methods. Live traps, one-way exit devices, and habitat modifications are commonly used by us to capture possums without harm. Sealant materials for entry point closure are chosen with environmental considerations. Our professionals prioritize the use of humane and sustainable practices, avoiding harmful chemicals. This approach ensures the safety of possums and minimizes the environmental impact, aligning with the principles of eco-friendly and non-toxic possum removal services in Australia.


To prevent future possum infestations, we seal entry points in buildings, blocking gaps and vulnerable areas, and trim overhanging branches to limit access to rooftops. We secure bins to reduce food sources discourage possums and implement habitat modifications, such as removing potential nesting sites. We make use of deterrents like motion-activated lights or sprinklers. Our preventive measures include regular inspection and maintenance to ensure effectiveness. Combining these preventive steps creates a comprehensive strategy to avoid possum infestations and promote a harmonious coexistence with wildlife.


Definitely, we can assist in sealing all such entry points that possums may use to enter a property. Our services include identifying and sealing all potential entry points that possums might utilize to access your property. Our experienced team will conduct a thorough inspection, ensuring gaps, holes, or vulnerable areas are properly sealed. This proactive approach aims to prevent possums from entering, promoting a secure and possum-free environment for your property.


The timeframe for possum removal jobs varies based on factors such as the severity of the infestation, property size, and the complexity of entry-point sealing. Generally, it may take a few days to a week to address the issue comprehensively. Immediate removal can occur, but subsequent preventive measures and follow-ups may extend the overall timeframe. Our professionals aim for efficiency while ensuring a thorough and humane possum removal process.


DIY possum removal poses risks as inexperienced attempts may harm possums, violate wildlife regulations, or lead to incomplete removal. Inadequate sealing of entry points can result in re-infestation. Handling possums without expertise may lead to injuries or disease transmission. It is advisable to consult professionals to ensure humane, legal, and effective possum removal, mitigating risks associated with DIY attempts.


Possum infestations can pose several health risks, as their feces may contain harmful bacteria, parasites, and allergens. Inhaling airborne particles from contaminated areas may lead to respiratory issues. Scratches or bites from possums can cause infections. Additionally, possums may carry ticks or fleas, potentially transmitting diseases. Promptly addressing and professionally managing possum infestations helps mitigate these health risks and ensures a safer living environment.


Certainly, our comprehensive possum removal services cater to both residential and commercial properties across Australia. Our skilled professionals specialize in humane and effective removal methods, addressing possum infestations. Whether it’s a home, business, or industrial property, our services are tailored to ensure the safe and legal removal of possums, promoting a secure and harmonious environment for occupants and businesses alike.

Humane methods for removing possums include employing deterrents like motion-activated lights or sprinklers, sealing off potential entry points to prevent their access, and using live traps baited with fruits or vegetables. The best humane way to remove possums is to avail of the pest control service of an expert company like Cheap Pest Control in Melbourne which is proficient in removing possums without causing any harm or getting themselves hurt. They avoid using lethal methods or harmful chemicals, prioritizing their safe removal and coexistence with wildlife.


Possums on your property can pose several drawbacks. They may damage gardens by feeding on plants and fruits, potentially transmitting diseases like leptospirosis or ticks to pets or humans. Their nocturnal activities can disturb sleep with vocalizations or by rummaging through garbage. Additionally, possums might create dens in attics or crawl spaces, causing structural damage and leaving behind feces or urine odors. So if you facing issues and searching for a possum removal service near me, then you can seek the help of professional pest control companies in Brisbane to manage their presence and mitigate these issues for a harmonious coexistence.


Indeed possums are harmful to your home and property in Canberra, as they cause harm in various ways. They may create nests in attics or crawl spaces, leading to structural damage and leaving behind droppings that can carry diseases. Additionally, possums may damage gardens by feeding on plants and fruits. Their nocturnal activities can also disturb residents. Implementing measures like sealing entry points and availing possum pest removal service in Sydney can help mitigate these risks and minimize property damage.


Possums are primarily attracted to residential areas due to the availability of food, and safe passages, along with dark and spacious areas. Gardens with fruit trees, vegetable patches, or compost piles provide easy access to food. Additionally, open garbage bins or pet food left outdoors can attract them. Residential areas with trees or bushes offer suitable shelter and nesting sites. Minimizing access to these resources through proper waste management and securing potential entry points can help deter possums. You can also seek professional advice from a 24-hour possum removal service in Melbourne.


Detecting possum presence involves observing signs like damage to gardens or crops, such as partially eaten fruits or vegetables, and finding droppings resembling small pellets. Nocturnal noises, like scratching or vocalizations, may indicate their activity. Look for tracks or footprints near potential entry points, such as gaps in fences or attic access points. Motion-activated cameras or lights can also help identify their presence by capturing their movements during the night. You can search for a Possum removal service near me to get rid of them.


Removing possums without professional assistance can pose risks both to the possums and to humans. Amateur attempts may result in harm to the possums due to improper handling or the use of inhumane trapping methods. Additionally, untrained individuals may not effectively seal entry points, leading to further infestations or structural damage. Moreover, without proper precautions, there’s a risk of contracting diseases carried by possums or encountering aggressive behavior when attempting removal. Thus, opt for same-day possum removal near me service in Sydney for quick help.


Removing possums requires a permit from the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning (DELWP). Permits are typically granted for humane relocation by licensed wildlife controllers. Homeowners must follow specific guidelines outlined by DELWP, including using humane trapping methods and ensuring the possum’s welfare during relocation.


Signs that possums have been successfully removed from a property include the absence of nocturnal noises like scratching or vocalizations, no further damage to gardens or crops, and a decrease in droppings around the area. Additionally, monitoring motion-activated cameras or traps can confirm the absence of possum activity over time. Avail of the best possum removal service in Sydney for successful removal of possum. Properly sealing entry points and implementing deterrents can help prevent their return, ensuring a possum-free environment on the property.


Yes, it’s possible to remove possums without harming them in Sydney and Brisbane. Both cities have regulations protecting possums, requiring humane removal methods. Licensed and trained pest control companies can safely trap and relocate possums to suitable habitats away from residential areas. Implementing deterrents and sealing entry points also help prevent possums from returning to the property. Following guidelines ensures the safe and humane removal of possum populations from the property in Sydney and Brisbane.


Possums can enter homes or buildings through several entry points such as gaps in roof spaces, broken or loose roof tiles, vents, chimneys, open eaves, and gaps around pipes or utility lines entering the building. Trees or overhanging branches near the roof can also provide access. Possums are skilled climbers and can easily exploit any openings or weaknesses in the structure to gain entry and establish nests or dens. Possum removal specialists help you with possum pest removal.


Homeowners should be aware of potential diseases associated with possums, including leptospirosis, which can be transmitted through contact with their urine, leading to flu-like symptoms or more severe complications. Possums may also carry ticks, which can transmit diseases like Lyme disease or tick paralysis. Additionally, their feces may contain bacteria or parasites that can cause gastrointestinal illnesses. Practicing proper hygiene and avoiding direct contact with possums can mitigate these risks.


Yes, it’s possible to relocate possums after safely removing them. However, relocation should be done responsibly and following local regulations. Possums should be relocated to suitable habitats away from urban areas, ideally within their natural range. Pest control companies are trained to handle possum relocation properly, ensuring minimal stress to the animals and their successful adaptation to the new environment. Proper relocation helps maintain ecological balance while addressing human-wildlife conflicts.


If a possum is injured on your property in Canberra, it’s essential to contact a veterinarian immediately. Avoid handling the possum yourself to prevent further injury or stress. Keep a safe distance and provide a quiet, dark place for the injured possum to rest until help arrives. Follow the instructions provided by the veterinarian to ensure the possum receives proper care and treatment for its injuries.


Controlling possum populations in Sydney through non-destructive methods involves implementing deterrents like motion-activated lights or sprinklers to discourage their presence. Seal entry points to buildings and remove potential food sources such as accessible garbage or fallen fruits. Erecting possum-proof barriers around gardens or using mesh to protect trees can also limit their access. Employing these humane methods helps manage possum populations while promoting coexistence with wildlife in urban environments.


Possums in Brisbane can cause harm to gardens and landscaping by feeding on a variety of plants, including fruits, vegetables, and ornamental flowers. They may strip bark from trees and shrubs, leading to damage or even death of plants. Additionally, possums can create trails through lawns or gardens while foraging for food, causing unsightly patches. Their activities can disrupt landscaping efforts and result in the need for costly repairs or replacements of damaged vegetation.


When encountering a possum in their yard, homeowners should remain calm and avoid approaching or cornering the animal. Give the possum space and time to move on its own. Secure any food sources or garbage that may attract possums to discourage their presence. If the possum appears injured or in distress, contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator or local animal control for assistance. Avoid handling the possum yourself to prevent injury to both the animal and yourself.


Possums generally do not pose a significant threat to pets or livestock in Melbourne. They are primarily herbivores and tend to avoid confrontations with larger animals. However, possums may occasionally scuffle with dogs or cats if provoked, leading to minor injuries. Additionally, possums may carry diseases like leptospirosis or ticks, which can indirectly affect the health of pets or livestock. Keeping pets indoors at night can minimize potential interactions with possums.


If a possum is found in the attic or crawl space, it’s important to remain calm and avoid startling the animal. Close off access to the area to prevent the possum from venturing further into the house. Contact a licensed wildlife removal expert who can safely and humanely remove the possum from the premises. Avoid attempting to handle or capture the possum yourself to prevent injury to both you and the animal.


Possums can indirectly spread diseases like ticks or fleas by serving as hosts for these parasites. Ticks and fleas may infest possums and lay eggs in their fur. When possums roam through residential areas, they can deposit these parasites in gardens or yards, where they may attach to other animals or humans, transmitting diseases such as Lyme disease or flea-borne typhus. Proper pest control measures can help mitigate the spread of these diseases.


If a possum gets trapped in a humane trap, handle the situation calmly and carefully. Approach the trap slowly to avoid startling the possum. Cover the trap with a cloth or blanket to provide the possum with a sense of security and reduce stress. Contact a licensed wildlife professional or pest control agency in Sydney for assistance in safely releasing the possum back into the wild or relocating it to a suitable habitat away from residential areas.