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Cheap Pest Control is a leading Melbourne-based company known for its expertise in pest control and protection services for homeowners and businesses, covering Melbourne and Victoria, and addressing all pest types.

Cheap Pest Control offers a personalized pest control approach, collaborating with homeowners and businesses to provide reliable and quality treatment and prevention programs, making it a trusted choice for Melbourne and Victorian locals.

We offer a range of pest solutions, including termite inspections, spider control, rodent control, fleas, birds, bee and wasp nest removal, and more.

We offer comprehensive pest control services, including comprehensive inspections, sanitizing, and container fumigation, to help you find the best solution for your property’s pest issue. We also design customized prevention and maintenance plans to keep your property pest-free.

Types of Pests we Treat in Melbourne:


id environments, with limited food availability. Others can survive without food or water for months. Outdoor spiders prefer warm, damp environments with insects as their primary food source. Pest control is crucial for maintaining a healthy spider population.

Call Cheap Pest Control for Spiders!

If you’re experiencing an excessive number of spiders in your home, contact us for spider pest control in Melbourne and we’ll answer any questions or arrange a tailored treatment.

Types of Spiders we deal in Melbourne and nearby:

  • Red-Back Spider
  • White Tail Spider
  • Black House Spider
  • Huntsman Spider
  • Wolf Spider
  • Brown Trapdoor Spider
  • Orb-weaving Spider

Australian homes are attracting rats and mice due to their provision of food, water, and shelter.

Rodents not only spread diseases and contaminate food but also cause damage to homes due to their constant gnawing on teeth. They can nest in roofs, walls, and under homes, gnawing on water pipes, plaster, ducting, heaters, air-conditioning, and electrical cables. Rodent infestations cause water damage and fires, making it crucial to call for rodent removal and treatment as soon as signs of them moving in.

The demand for rodent control in Melbourne and Victoria has surged in recent years due to rodent infestations in certain Australian and Victorian regions, largely due to favorable breeding and feeding conditions in rural and suburban areas.

Bee & Wasp

Bees and wasps have a painful sting that can produce life-threatening histamine in the human body, making it crucial to be cautious when identifying their nests in or around your home or business, as they are not only annoying but also damaging to your home.

Bees and wasps often establish nests in structures, causing costly repairs if left unattended. Bee hives are filled with honey, causing significant damage to homes. Wasp nests can eat plaster, causing bubbling in walls or ceilings. If you notice a nest, it’s best to contact professionals for expert bee or wasp nest removal. Cheap Pest Control in Melbourne offers bee and wasp control services. Don’t poke at the nests, as they may cause further damage.


Termites, also known as white ants, are a major pest in Australia, causing significant damage to homes and structures in Melbourne and Victoria annually. Therefore, early detection through inspection and preventative treatments are crucial for preventing these destructive pests.

CSIRO reports that termites affect 1 in 3 homes within their economic life, particularly in Melbourne and Victoria. Often undetected, these invaders cause damage that insurance companies often fail to cover. Therefore, it’s crucial to implement preventative termite protection methods, including regular inspections, prevention methods, and treatments, to protect your property from these pests.

Rat & Mice

Rats, particularly the Roof Rat, are abundant in leafy eastern suburbs. They prefer the security and warmth of roofs, feeding on fruit and new plant growth. Unlike their more famous cousin, the Sewer Rat, they rarely enter homes and prefer not to live in drains.

The primary risk of the Roof Rat is not from germs or disease, but rather from damage to electrical wiring and insulation.

If you hear possums or rat activity in your roof, contact our experts for a discreet phone call. They can identify if an electrical fault has been caused by rodents chewing through wires or connections. A visual identification is made by an electrician or handyman, who recommends professional help. Audible noises are often heard in the afternoon, but nighttime is the most common time for this activity.

Possums Removal

Possums are a dangerous pest that can cause damage to homes and health due to their feces containing bacteria that can cause flesh-eating ulcers. Exposure to their feces can leave a person with a long-term functional disability. It is illegal to kill a possum, so when tackling an infestation, it is crucial to observe the utmost care. Possums are the worst kind of pest to have, causing damage to homes and health through their urine and feces. They can be alarming to come into contact with, resembling giant rats. Possums have two defensive behaviors: standing on their feet and bare their teeth, or lying on the floor. These behaviors can be difficult to tackle for pregnant women, old people, children, or pets, as they have vulnerable immunity systems and can develop health complications. The true gravity of their destruction is only known when they try to make your home theirs.

Cockroach Removal

Cockroaches are a prevalent pest in Melbourne homes and businesses, causing significant damage through their adherence to human-created conditions. Effective cockroach control and management by professional Pest Control in Melbourne is crucial, as they can cause food contamination and foul odors.

Common Cockroach Species We treat in Melbourne

  •         American
  •         Australian
  •         German
  •         Oriental
  •         Smoky Brown
  •         Brown Banded
Insect Removal

Australia’s unique geography, coastline, rainforests, and extreme climate provide a favorable environment for insects to thrive. With around 220,000 species, Australia has around 86,000 species in 661 families. Edible Australian insects, such as grasshoppers, lepidopteran, and coleopteran larvae, are more hygienic than crabs and primarily eat fresh plants. Despite being home to some of the world’s most dangerous creatures, insects are not as harmful to humans as they may seem. There are many edible insect companies and products available in Australia.

Types of Insects We Treat:

  •         Ants
  •         Centipedes
  •         Mosquitoes
  •         Flies
  •         Moths
  •         Bed Bugs
  •         Ticks
  •         Fleas
  •         silverfish & more
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